Student Support




We can also offer you a range of welfare services to help with the mental, physical, social and spiritual well-being of international students. These services may include, through referral, information/advice about: accommodation, counselling, crisis services, disabilities and equity issues, financial matters, legal issues, medical issues, mental health, peer mentoring, programs promoting social interaction, religious and spiritual matters, and stress-management. It may also include advice on academic and study issues.

Services will be provided at no additional cost to the student.

Contact us at for details about welfare services we can offer.


Academic Support

Stirling Institute of Australia is committed to ensuring equity in education by helping students who have specific learning difficulties and/or disabilities gain their qualification. All students undertake a Pre-training review which allows us to assess their individual needs.

We respect and respond to those with learning difficulties, disabilities and/or impairments and will offer them the same rights and opportunities as other students who do not have additional needs. This will include the opportunity to perform and complete assessments by reasonable adjustments. This may include modifying the learning environment or making changes to the teaching methods.

Individualised learning plans for students with disabilities, learning difficulties and additional needs will begin from the Pre-training review. Strategies put in place to support students are regularly monitored during the student’s course of study.


Student Support
How a Student Support Officer can help

A student support officer can help you understand what is required of you as an international student and help you through any issues you may face. They can also refer you to other services if required.

Specifically they provide:

- private and confidential advice on managing your personal needs and issues

- Support for students affected by accident, illness or home country issues

- Events to help you balance your study and personal time

- Advice if you don’t understand something about your course and studies

- Support and advice in complaint processes

- Assistance finding accommodation

- Help with declining your offer and requesting a release from your course.

If you get sick or are affected by events in your home country that affect your ability to study, you should contact us at immediately.

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